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Light motivates and inspires so many people, they save the images that thrill them, frame the images and view them often.  Images can relax, transport, and bring into the home a certain tranquality.  Light transforms an otherwise commonplace scene or subject making it something rather special.  The light effect is what makes me decide to paint or draw the subject.

I have drawn for as long as I can remember, drawing horses as a teen.  I excelled in Art projects though out school and in college.  The study of color and design led me to chosing a career in that field.  I wanted to express my love for nature and people and began to study and practice fine art. 

My nature paintings are made by selection of on-spot nature scenes.  Sometimes the scene is edited to create a more interesting composition but the light is the real subject that I paint.  Its my favorite studio, it has perfect light, countless subjects and endless space, its called the 'Great Outdoors'.  Raging creeks,  high mountains, flat plains are some of the scenes I love to paint.  I use a volcabulary of color to record my emotions, the mood of the scene and I let the conversation of nature direct my brush.

The people that I choose to paint are from all walks of life, in any age and in different poses.  The very first painting that I did in classroom environment was a sepia photograph of a lady who had an interesting face and was wearing a sheer blouse.  Since that first oil I have painted both men and women and take commissions for portraits.  I try to capture the look of the eyes and the slant of the mouth that is unique to the individual.



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